The Problem

National statistics report that 1 out of every 7 I.V.’s are restarted.
This is especially common on areas of high movement, such as the back of the hand. This applies to all patients, but is most common in children and elderly patients.

Restarts increase the likelihood of the following complications. 

  • Patient Trauma
  • Risk of Phlebitis
  • Risk of Infection
  • Loss of Vein Access
  • Secondary Restarts

Restarts also lead to an increase in personnel and material costs. They also keep medical personnel from other responsibilities. 

The Cost

To the Patient

  • Reduces patient comfort.
  • Increases patient trauma.
  • Increases risk of additional dislodgments.
  • Increases risk of phlebitis and infection.
  • Increases risk of losing site access.

To the Staff

  • Decreases staff efficiency.
  • Prevents staff from serving other patients.

To the Hospital

  • Restarts multiply original material, staffing, and overhead costs.

Our Solution 

We offer a low cost, highly effective product that is easy for medical personnel to apply and has aided in solving the IV restart problem for decades. It has the ability to...

  • Prevent Restarts
  • Prevent Infections
  • Prevents Ulcerations
  • Increase Patient Comfort

When one considers the cost of physician and nursing staff time alone, that cost is substantially greater than multiple cases of Bingham I.V. Boards.

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